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LisaBri is a pseudonym for Brian, an alter who once provided the strength necessary for Lisa, who presented the body to the outside world. In recent years, a merging has occurred, though not fully integrated in the medical definition, it's been closer beyond anything either have ever been in the past. No longer needing to call on him, Lisa misses the separate presence of feeling his full strength enter her and the kids for the comfort he always provided. This DID is the result of childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
12 09, 2015

Dissociative Identity Disorder & Triggers

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It was a Friday night, mid-April of this year. Floating in on a cool breeze from the open window above my desk, the fragrant scent of springtime bulbs attacked my senses. Dampness seeped through the sill off the California Lilac hedge from […]

26 01, 2015

Childhood Abuse & Denial: Broken at Last!

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The Doubt

I wonder how many can relate to this.

During my therapy years, denial that I was even a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, namely, ritual abuse was prevalent. I always presented a façade to the outside world that I believed I was […]

15 07, 2012

Friends are a Dime a Dozen…

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“Friends”was published in the Nov/Dec 2004 Alone Together magazine and was a Feb 2005 Honorable Mention for Byline Contest.

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June 05 1983. Tonight is the night…The deadly cocktail…I have taken an enormous amount of pills and alcohol…4.3 seconds is all it […]