Healing Process

Therapy topics including what should not happen in therapy, and what does healing look and feel like, are just a couple topics that fall into the healing process category.

12 09, 2015

Dissociative Identity Disorder & Triggers

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It was a Friday night, mid-April of this year. Floating in on a cool breeze from the open window above my desk, the fragrant scent of springtime bulbs attacked my senses. Dampness seeped through the sill off the California Lilac hedge from […]

26 01, 2015

Childhood Abuse & Denial: Broken at Last!

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The Doubt

I wonder how many can relate to this.

During my therapy years, denial that I was even a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, namely, ritual abuse was prevalent. I always presented a façade to the outside world that I believed I was […]

15 07, 2012

Friends are a Dime a Dozen…

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“Friends”was published in the Nov/Dec 2004 Alone Together magazine and was a Feb 2005 Honorable Mention for Byline Contest.

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June 05 1983. Tonight is the night…The deadly cocktail…I have taken an enormous amount of pills and alcohol…4.3 seconds is all it […]